Visualize the Journey

Visually follow your Candidates and Employees across their journey with built-in Journey Mapping tools and reports. Talentegy makes it easy to see how your users navigate through your systems and processes.

Easy-to-understand Dashboard

Get one-click access to every key metric about your talent process and online interactions from your TxM dashboard. Drill-down for more detailed user experience analytics, in summary or in single view, to make quick and needed improvements fast. Talentegy analyzes all your data enabling you to make more strategic, data-driven optimizations in your talent management processes.

Measure Content & Messaging Engagement

If you use campaigns for your recruitment or employee-based marketing Talentegy will track all campaign attributes and activities. And if you utilize rich media such as videos or podcasts, Talentegy will not only track those as sources automatically, but provide detailed engagement statistics.

Session Recordings & Analysis

Seeing is believing. When warnings and issues are triggered, watch replays of your user's browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they’re seeing and doing on your career site or inside your software systems. Desktop or mobile – everything is captured, enabling proactive, strategic optimizations based on actual user behavior patterns. Understand how users move through and interact with your content by viewing recordings so you can see where users are encountering problem areas. And if you work with multiple technology providers, this also supports any reproduction cases to get to the resolution fast.

Track Conversions & Exit Behaviors

Track Candidates through every step of your hiring process, across both internal and external systems. Talentegy's powerful AI automatically creates goals and funnels to track paths through your various systems and can alert you upon an exit or a behavior that demonstrates frustration. Talentegy can also actively engage your Candidates and Employees with feedback forms and surveys or even through our own Chatbot.


Sometimes you may want to drill-down into more complex analysis and dig deeper into what your users may be experiencing. With our PowerView Dashboard, we give you the answers to proactively optimize your user interactions. You can examine your user experience with laser-focus to get qualitative insights on form analytics and conversion rates, how visitors are flowing through your site, even your best sources and campaign efforts. Or you can use our Professional Services to set this up for you.