Out-of-the-box Intelligence

Our Chatbot can be deployed in a matter of minutes and can help your Candidates or Employees across any of your existing systems. The Bot comes pre-configured with knowledge of over 100 systems including popular ATSes, Talent Management Systems and Talent CRMs. The Bot will instantly help your users while it continuously learns.


Automate Key Tasks

Help Candidates perform job searches, sign up for talent communities, navigate your job search and apply process, and more. Extend your job search and talent community sign ups outside of the confines of your career web site. Help employees understand how to navigate and complete tasks and get help quickly.


Smart Deployment

Like all other Talentegy features, the Chatbot is deployed through our single Smart Tag. No code, tech skills or integrations are necessary.  You can also set conditions on when the Bot asserts itself so it can always be an available option when a user may be struggling. And as always, we support all major ATS, CRM and Talent Management Systems.


Hand-off to a Human

Our Bot is super smart and always learning, but there are times when you just need to connect with a real person. We offer options to have the Chatbot automatically hand-off the discussion to a Sourcer, Recruiter, HR Teammate or a HelpDesk when needed. The hand-off can instantly connect the Candidate or Employee with internal help through chat or email and all responses can route directly back through the Bot in real time! We support all major customer support and interaction platforms.


One Bot, Multiple Channels

Give your Candidates and Employees the freedom to reach you across a variety of platforms and interfaces. Extend job search and community features beyond your career web site. We support multiple channels including Web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Email with even more channels coming soon.


Our Bot, Your Brand

Navigating multiple systems to learn about you as an employer, searching for jobs, joining communities, applying for jobs and getting through your hiring process can be confusing for Candidates. Completing Employee tasks such as performance reviews, learning activities, and general HR self-service features spanning multiple systems can be confusing for Employees too. Our Chatbot will provide a consistent experience across all systems for your Candidates and Employees and it will always 100% be branded to you.