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Recruitment Marketing & Agencies

With Talentegy, you can bring greater value and consultative services to your Agency's own digital projects and programs. Our Talent Experience ManagementTM platform will open new opportunities for you to have meaningful and insightful discussions with your clients to make your project implementations run more smoothly and deliver an employer brand experience that truly stands out.


HR Consulting

Your client professional services portfolio covers a wide array of engagement options from research and analytics to change management and HR transformation. No matter the business process or strategy you are implementing with your customers, there is often technology in place to see how these efforts are being adopted and measured. Talentegy can deliver a detailed view of how or what processes may need to be shifted or adjusted for better user adoption or enhancement. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Talentegy can help you prove it.


HR Technology Companies

The ability to know what's working and what's not sometimes isn't easy to diagnose or replicate. And quite honestly, sometimes, it's not the technology's fault, it often times could be a process misstep or just a simple mistake in configuration. Why struggle trying to identify where there may be pitfalls in your client's projects when using your technology. Now with Talentegy, you don't have to. Don't leave a new implementation to chance. Whether you have the best ATS, CRM or other HR technology solution in the world, sometimes just knowing how to fix a potential problem will make your customer even more satisfied with your technology.


HRO / RPO Companies

As an extension of your client's candidate experience and recruitment process, it's important you have the right technology and tools in place to deliver on their employer brand promise. When working in your own ATS or CRM solution, let Talentegy help you know where you may be experiencing hiccups in your recruiting funnel, and what may be impacting your candidate's ability to convert. Use Talentegy on your own backend systems and with your internal teams, or put it to work in your own client-facing technology solutions.