Talentegy Launches New Website. TALENT. MEANS. BUSINESS.

Published on: 07 March, 2017

In March, Talentegy launched our new website and made announcements about our soon-to-be released flagship product this summer.

Founded in 2017, Talentegy offers a revolutionary new SaaS-based Talent Management ExperienceTM (TXM) platform designed specifically to help HR teams optimize their user experience. Providing a sophisticated intelligence layer, it sits on top of every touch point in the talent user’s journey to capture behavioral data on each step in an organization’s talent processes. With Talentegy’s unique combination of powerful analytics tools it identifies where issues are causing frustration, conversion drop-off or user dissatisfaction. It’s metrics for people not products delivering actionable insights to improve user experience by putting the focus on the greatest impact to a company’s bottom line, its talent.

The Talentegy platform is currently in development with a planned launch in the summer of 2017. Sign up now to stay informed of company news, gain early access to our beta program, and to receive special discounts or subscribe to the Talentegy blog.

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