Talentegy Featured on the HR Latte Show

Published on: 30 August, 2018

Talentegy Featured on the HR Latte Intrepid Media Radio Show

Listen in as Talentegy's Founder and CEO, Dwaine Maltais, talks about the importance of Candidate Experience. Along with host, Rayanne Thorn, they cover the bottom line impacts of poor experiences to both employees and job seekers, as well as the drivers that have shifted the recruiting power to candidates and away from employers. The conversation also highlights how to build a business case by using technology like Talentegy to help a company improve their candidate experience efforts or get an initiative funded with their leadership team.

Rayanne asks Dwaine why Candidate Experience is so important now?

We talk a lot about experience and satisfaction stats, and you don't have to look hard to find statistic after statistic that shows the consumers of the HR function -- job seekers, employees, managers, and recruiters to some extent -- are really frustrated with the overall experience. It's pretty easy to find evidence of that out in the wild. The frustration along those experiences translates into bottom line impacts on the company brand, productivity, the ability to find and grow talent, and the impact of that poor experience compounded with the lack of the visibility to see what causes them costs companies millions of dollars every year. 

Topics covered include:

  • HR departments are running multiple systems and HR technology solutions
  • The impact of employer brand on your consumer brand
  • How to automate the identification of underlying HR / Recruiting issues
  • The endless talk about improving Candidate Experience
  • Finally recognizing the mobile job seeker
  • Former drivers: automation and efficiency, managing people like a supply chain
  • Current driver that has been a missing piece – having the proper measures in place to support the need for change
  • How Talentegy helps companies by giving them visibility of what their systems are doing, achieving, and/or missing
  • How to gain a clear understanding of the necessary changes in your HR processes
  • How to build a business case for purchasing a new system like Talentegy
  • Understanding the content that candidates are interested in and engaged with
  • Catching issues that cause application drop-off and thus, know how to improve
  • The importance of gathering and capturing real-time feedback

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Topics: Analytics, candidate experience, employee experience, HR Technology