TxMatters - November 2019

TxMatters - November 2019

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The True Business Cost of a Poor Candidate Experience

A great article from Greenhouse featured in HR Executive to better understand the true business cost of a poor candidate experience. Businesses have had to adjust by re-evaluating the candidate experience they’re providing potential employees. Why? Largely because a poor candidate experience affects your company where it hurts the most—revenue. In the Age of the Consumer, people can access vast amounts of information in real-time, and it applies to careers, too. The article also includes lots of other interesting stats that might help you build your business case and make candidate experience a priority for 2020.

Talent Tech Labs Releases Their Latest Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem Report

The team over at TTL has put together their latest report featuring some of the industry’s emerging talent acquisition technology companies. Talentegy is proud to be showcased in the Talent Analytics category again for our third time. Candidate experience and engagement metrics pulled off from these technologies are allowing a significant increase in candidate pipelines and conversions. You can download a complimentary copy on their site here.

Candidate Experience Starts with Managing Expectations

A lot of people think Uber disrupted taxis with technology. I believe they disrupted the market by managing expectations. The thing we like about Uber is we can see exactly where the car is while we’re waiting and exactly where we are while we’re riding in it. Do you confirm the receipt of someone’s application? Do you tell them when it’s being looked at? Can you give them an idea of when someone will contact them? Do you let them know when they don’t make the cut? Do you give them updates on delays such as the hiring manager is on the road and won’t be interviewing for three weeks or the job’s been put on hold? Consumers (who are also often your candidates too) expect to know where things stand, even if the news is not good. Let’s find ways to communicate in real-time so that even if we don’t hire them, we provide the ideal experience, so we have the opportunity to stay in touch. After all, they could be right for your next open req. Learn more about the top 3 causes of a bad candidate experience.

Your Guide to Transforming Your Candidate Experience

As talent shortages loom and global skilled labor markets remain competitive, the need for an engaging and personalized candidate experience has never been more important as organizations look for ways to break through the noise to attract and retain the best talent. The folks over at Saba have put together some great webinars, whitepapers and other content that could help you get started and put your best foot forward with an engaging candidate experience. Check out all the resources here.

Why Companies Continue to Choose to Provide Negative Experiences

Listen in to this podcast on Recruiting.Technology featuring Tracey Parsons, one of the premier experts on the topic of candidate experience. Get her take on what companies need to do to enhance the candidate experience and why they need to remove the barriers and engage with candidates in the moments that matter most. 

New Year, New HR Trends

The recruitment marketing space has been rapidly evolving, drawing increased interest and investments of late. This is especially true in how it partners with HR technology to create the best candidate experience possible. There have been many acquisitions in 2019 by some of the world’s leading recruitment marketing agencies, the most recent being SmashFly getting acquired by Symphony Talent. Why? Because in the center of all your recruitment marketing strategies is technology – how to use it to maximize your spend, convert more candidates into your pipeline, or create compelling content that differentiates your employer brand. HR Technologist did a top trends in 2020 article that can bring some additional perspectives to the importance of your recruitment marketing initiatives and why candidate experience will be critical in them.

Shawna Berthold
Co-founder and CMO