High-Tech with High-Touch: Designing the Talentegy Client Success Model

High-Tech with High-Touch: Designing the Talentegy Client Success Model

Our engineering team here at Talentegy is hard at work developing and testing the platform as we get ever closer to our launch this Summer, but I’d also like for everyone to know we’re just as hard at work developing our Client Success model to ensure we are setting a new bar for Client support and satisfaction. 

The leadership at Talentegy has deep roots in a service culture and we’re committed to bringing those principles into our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. For one, it just makes good business sense. Lack of conversion and churn both have big impacts on any business and they can mean the difference between success and failure in a SaaS operation. It is also the way we are used to doing business and it's how we expect to be treated when we purchase or subscribe to a product or service offering, so we want to make sure we fulfill those expectations on behalf of our Clients.

 It’s a High-Tech with High-Touch approach:

• On the High-Tech side, we’re including guided missions for all major functions so that new Clients and new users can get up to speed quickly while completing actions that move them towards a key objective. This will reduce the learning curve for companies adopting the platform.

• Under the hood, we’re also utilizing our own technology to track user behavior. We’re applying the same Measure, Alert, Plan principles that our Clients will use to learn what’s working and what needs to be optimized.

• For interactive support, we’ve selected Intercom as our support platform which will be embedded seamlessly into both the Web and mobile applications. It’s a great solution connecting Clients to our support team in real-time and enabling self-help options.

• We’ll also be supporting a moderated user community where our Clients can share ideas and experiences in an open forum with us, each other and vendor participants. The community is also the place where Clients will help us prioritize the evolution of the product.

• Oh, and you can call us or we’ll call you. We’re a technology driven company. We love technology and its potential to optimize the talent experience, but we also love to talk to folks and we’ll make it easy to engage with our team. 

At Talentegy, great Client Service is in our DNA and we’re working hard to make sure that is reflected in our platform. To stay up to date on our upcoming launch, sign up now or contact us.

Stephanie Smith Ralston
Co-founder and EVP of Operations & Client Relations

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