Best Practice SmartAlerts

With our out-of-the box SmartAlerts there’s no need to wade through mountains of data to glean the right user insights. We show you what’s working and what’s not, and most importantly, when and why based on industry best practices and engagement principles. Through individual session replays and recordings, our sophisticated tracking methodologies, help you empathize with your users, understand their intent, and re-engage those in danger of slipping away.

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Custom Alerts

Want more specific insights into your talent process then the standard SmartAlert provides, no problem! You can create custom triggered events and goals to measure unique processes inherit to your user experience journey. Do it yourself, or use our Professional Services team to help you architect and structure exactly the right process you want measured down to the tee.

Customize Notifications

Decide how you want your Alerts to be delivered to you, when, how often and on what device. Get the information anytime, anywhere to keep informed of your user’s activities or issues they may be encountering. Clearly see your issues, warnings and custom Alert counts to decide if you want to login in and dive deeper into the analysis.
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Feedback & Survey Alerts

Get Alerts on where and when your user experience may be falling short from your automatically gathered survey and feedback results. As with other features of the Talentegy platform, we only bubble up where you have issues or concerns worth addressing. We remove the noise so you can focus on what is most important and use the data to put a strategy in place to make needed adjustments or improvements. Learn more about our VOICE features here or take a survey test drive.