Within your TalentSpace, you can instantly chat and launch team conversations, at the most granular level, share files, or discuss issues with external vendors, groups or specific individuals. Work together to eliminate rough spots in the user journey and find innovative ways to help each user succeed. Quickly and easily link and comment on the specific Alerts and Session Recordings that need your team's immediate review and remediation. Discuss survey and feedback results and ways you can make improvements.

Action Plans

Move away from cumbersome spreadsheets and use our task creator kanban board to visualize your progress on projects as your team moves tasks from "to do" to "done." Quickly build a plan, with your team and vendors, to optimize your talent strategies. Our agile tools are easy to use and collaborative so you can keep an eye on every stage and deliverable. With user-friendly drag and drop features, easily create planner task cards, assign completion dates and stakeholders, and create custom categories that match your internal workflows.
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Task Assignments

Say goodbye to ticketing systems that just frustrate users with more tickets that get lost in multiple applications and do little to bring visibility to project progression. Keep all your communications and team assignments in one place to stay engaged with ongoing tasks and status updates. Our easy planner cards allow you to prioritize your tasks, include other ticket references, set tags for easy sorting, link directly to specific SmartAlerts and much more.
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Project Dashboard

Our TalentSpace Dashboard cards quickly give you up-to-date information on what stage your projects are in and which may be at risk of becoming overdue or off track. Set custom task categories so you can map their statuses to your own internal processes, or create PlanSpaces for specific vendor partners to keep everyone communicating and set for on time deliverables.